Get Your Name on the Ballot

So you want to run for office? Across Illinois, there are many races up and down the ballot that need a strong candidate but the first step is to get on the ballot. Unfortunately, this is where things get tricky and where questions arise…

  • How many signatures are needed?
  • What are the parameters when seeking signatures?
  • Where can candidates get signatures?
  • Where do you submit the petitions?
  • What happens if petitions are challenged?

Illinois election law is intentionally arcane and confusing, ensuring that those who wrote the rules have a distinct advantage in elections by being able to keep their potential opponents off the ballot.

Luckily, Cor Strategies has a perfect track record – in nearly 500 campaigns over the last decade, not a single one of our candidates has ever been knocked off the ballot.

Cor’s ironclad ballot access program has been copied by organizations and candidates throughout the state as a model for a clean and effective petition process. We have extensive field contacts to assist with getting you the signatures that you need. Our operations team has running ballot access programs down to a science. We know Illinois election law intimately and help you navigate the tedious paperwork requirements. We put together your final packet so you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you will get, and stay, on the ballot. Once all petitions are submitted, we then review your opponents’ filings to ensure they have followed all the necessary requirements and work with our expert election attorneys in the event you are challenged or would like to mount a challenge to your opponents.

As a candidate, your time should be spent meeting voters, attending events, fundraising, and visiting local businesses, not stressing about the ballot access process that professionals on our team can help you accomplish.

You want to run for office and we can help. Don’t be that one candidate who finds themselves knocked off the ballot for a technicality.

Petition circulation begins next week on Tuesday, September 3rd. Hire Cor Strategies to help with your ballot access needs so you can make a difference in your community.

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