We are working to fix Illinois and move our country forward by advancing center-right people who espouse public service, organizations that progress commonsense principles, and causes that promote the public good.

To further this mission, we are actively working to recruit, train, and elect the next generation of center-right leaders. In fact, our founder has recruited and trained over two thousand center-right candidates and activists to date.

Contact us today if you are interested in a training in your area.

Potential Topics

We work closely with the Leadership Institute, and our founder serves on LI’s faculty. To see a list of the topics and trainings offered by LI, click here.

Additional Resources

NXTgen Illinois works to identify young individuals with leadership potential as elected officials, advocate leaders, or political investors; develop these individuals by teaching them free market policies, training them on effective political activity, and cultivating their networking and communications abilities; engage these individuals by placing them in positions of leadership in their respective fields so they can gain experience and hone their skills; and advance these individuals in their respective fields so they can continue to take on more responsibilities and higher positions of leadership in Illinois. Click here to learn more about NXTgen Illinois.