We are political problem solvers.

Cor Strategies is a Midwest-based political solutions company that drives results. Founded in 2009, we’re the largest full-service center-right political company in Illinois. To date we’ve worked with over 550 campaigns and 200 businesses & organizations.

We use our expertise and relationships to make a difference by doing work that matters. Our mission is to drive improvement by helping people, organizations, and causes progress commonsense center-right principles and promote the public good.

If you share our values and vision, and if you want to join us on our mission to make a difference by doing work that matters, apply for one of the position listed below.

Current Job Openings:

Finance & Admin Assistant

Finance & Admin Assistant – 2022

We are in need of assistance with administrative and accounting duties for Cor and our sister companies. Our books are current and in good order. An expansion will result in the addition of multiple businesses under one umbrella entity, so the ideal candidate will be capable of being responsible for all accounting areas of all companies. It is essential this candidate brings analytical and organizational skills to work efficiently with multiple, inter-related companies and clients.

This individual will handle the company’s books and financial accounts, ensuring the books continue to be kept in good order and compliant with GAAP standards, client accounts tracked, expenses monitored, and financial accounts maintained. They will track all paperwork needs, such as required filings and compliance measures, and ensure the companies remain in good standing. They will coordinate the signing and filing of client contracts, employee paperwork, and partner agreements. They will coordinate pricing for materials and services, track expenses, and conduct billing/invoicing. They will be in charge of accounts receivable, coordinating with the Cor team member(s) managing each account to accommodate individual needs and relationships with each client. They will handle accounts payable, tracking expenditures and projecting future expenses. They will work closely with leadership and provide regular reports on account status and the financial health of the companies. They may also be tasked with handling payroll for the companies. Should this individual be capable and willing, they may also be trained to assist with election financial disclosure at the state and/or federal level.

Individuals in this role must have a documented ability to manage accounts and finances. Attention to detail, a strong grasp of numbers, and highly proficient skills in accounting software (QuickBooks) and Excel are absolute musts. The ideal candidate for this position is detailed, precise, accurate, direct, thorough, and focused. They must be knowledgeable but ready to research and learn when additional information or skills are required to accomplish a task. They will need flexibility to adopt or develop new procedures to meet unique, industry-specific challenges. They must have the ability to multi-task, handle multiple responsibilities at the same time, and adapt in a cyclical and highly fluid work environment. They must embrace challenges and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Candidates must hold center-right political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Social Media Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

Cor is seeking a Digital Organizer who can bring even more excitement and personality to our marcom department.

The Digital Organizer will develop and implement digital strategies for our private and public sector clients, with an emphasis on social network systems. The Digital Organizer will be responsible for managing our clients’ presence on social networks, focusing on increasing their reach and effectiveness, enhancing their brand and identity, and promoting their message.

As part of this, they will utilize messaging provided to them to create communications content for social media as well as assisting with creating content for emails, websites, texts and calls, and letters. Work will be in coordination with all departments, including political, events, field, government affairs, data and telecom, and particularly marketing. This individual will also assist with developing content for Cor’s company communications and marketing.

The Digital Organizer will also coordinate digital ad buys for our clients. This primarily consists of social media and search advertising, which can become complicated as our advertising strategies for our clients include multiple levels of geographical, ideological, demographic, and behavioral targeting. It also includes display, mobile, video, audio, and content advertising.

Ideally, this individual also possesses intermediate graphic design and layout skills to assist with daily content needs. Working with our designers and marcom team as needed, they will help develop social media graphics, event invitations, website graphics, email templates, presentations, and possibly even simple videos and audio.

Clients range from candidates for public office, elected officials, associations, think tanks, businesses, and non-profits.

Individuals in this role must have a documented ability to communicate effectively in writing as well as verbally, as well as the ability to write in another’s voice. The ideal candidate will be clever, have a content background (research, content creation and management), and be extremely familiar with the digital media landscape, including social media networks. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must embrace challenges and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Candidates must hold right-of-center political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) Chicagoland.



One of the biggest needs for our clients is fundraising assistance. We are looking to hire someone to run point on fundraising and development efforts for our political and non-profit clients.

This individual will develop and implement aggressive fundraising strategies that result in funding from high-dollar, mid-dollar, and low-dollar funding sources using a variety of development channels, including direct solicitation, finance committees, events, digital fundraising, fundraising and prospecting mail, and any other methods at our disposal.

They will work with leadership to develop fundraising plans. They will then work directly with our clients to execute the fundraising plans, leading on implementation. This includes working with the team to develop target lists, then assisting clients with direct solicitation for high dollar contributions. It includes working to develop finance committees, then facilitating finance committee activities to meet fundraising goals. It includes working with the team to implement event fundraising to solicit mid-dollar contributions. It also includes working with the team to conduct digital and mail fundraising and prospecting in order to bring in low-dollar contributions, achieve buy in, and develop donor lists.

The individual will also need to work with the team to ensure key data is identified, captured, and updated. They will be responsible for building relationships with key donors, facilitating their continued support for our clients.

The individual in this role must excel at developing relationships and motivating individuals to support a candidate or cause. They must have a passion for connecting and working with people. The ideal candidate for this role is outgoing, personable, articulate, attentive, and well-groomed. They should excel at building relationships and thrive in a supportive team environment. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must embrace challenges and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Candidates must hold center-right political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Redshirt (Internship)


Cor Strategies is seeking Social Media, Data & Tech, Government Affairs, and Event Planning Redshirts (interns) to join various local and statewide political campaigns and assist our internal team. As a Cor Redshirt, you’ll become equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute to high stakes political campaigns.

Opportunities to work with candidates and campaigns that have the ability to win are extremely rare. Cor Strategies is selective in our clients, only working with candidates and causes we believe in and can be proud of.

The goal of our internship program is to equip you with key skills to contribute to a campaign and prepare you to join a political campaign in 2022 or potentially become a long-term member of the Cor Strategies team.


Social Media Redshirt

- Develop Creative Social Media Posts with Copy, Graphics, & Digital Ads

- Create Social Media Calendars and Execute Campaigns

- Engage with Followers and Respond to Comments & Messages with Approved Campaign Messaging


Data & Tech Redshirt

- Assist in Website Development and Keep Websites Updated with News & Relevant Content

- Develop, Manage, and Monitor Statewide & National Polling and Summarize Results

- Perform Data Analysis Districts During & After Redistricting


Grassroots Government Affairs Redshirt

- Develop Contact Lists of Targeted Businesses, Elected Officials, & Influencers

- Research Timely Public Policy Issues and Monitor News Related to Active Clients & Initiatives

- Edit & Develop Plan Documents, Policy Reports, & Op-Eds/LTEs


Event Planning Redshirt

- Curate Event Venues that Align with Client Budgets, Visions & Themes

- Help Coordinate Event Planning & Logistics Throughout Event Process

- Attend Political Events to Ensure They’re Run Properly and Assist the Client with Run-Of-Show

Current Partner Job Openings:

Candidate Aide (IL-6)

Congressional Candidate Aide (Keith Pekau)


Keith Pekau was elected Mayor of Orland Park in April 2017 in his first run for elected office and re-elected in 2021. During his tenure, Keith proactively worked to reduce crime in Orland Park, leading to the lowest village crime rate in over a quarter-century. He works closely with regional municipal and business partners, co-founded the Chicago Southland Interstate Alliance, an I-80 corridor development group, and is on the board of the I-80 Coalition. Keith is a decorated combat veteran and Air Force Instructor Weapons System Officer. Born and raised in Orland Park, he has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Arizona State University and an M.B.A. from Duke University, as a Fuqua Scholar.


Heading into election season, with a Primary on June 28th and the General on November 8th, the campaign is needing a full-time staff member to directly support the candidate.

This individual will be responsible for supporting the candidate on a daily basis. This includes attending events with the candidate, ensuring campaign materials are displayed throughout the event and the candidate gets as much exposure as possible. It also includes attending meetings with the candidate, taking notes and providing support as necessary. The individual will be responsible for driving the candidate as needed so the candidate can focus on communicating with supporters and potential supporters.

The individual will also be in charge of providing support before and after events/meetings. They will manage the candidate’s schedule and be involved in scheduling discussions to ensure the candidate’s time is utilized as effectively as possible. Prior to meetings, they will do any necessary research to prepare the candidate for the meeting; after meetings, they will provide any necessary information from the meeting to the various members of the campaign team for utilization, and assist the candidate with any meeting follow-ups. Prior to events, they will work to coordinate the candidate’s attendance and involvement in the event, and then assist the field team with ensuring the campaign’s branding is visible at the event; after events, they will provide information on the individuals in attendance, especially individuals that connected with the candidate directly, to the various team members for utilization, and assist with any follow-ups.

In addition to supporting the candidate, the individual will assist with generating activity for the campaign social media accounts. They will take photos of the candidate throughout the day and work with the campaign team to publish posts. As available, they will help monitor activity on the page and work with the campaign team to coordinate any responses. And they will actively work to connect with influencers and voters and encourage their activity on the campaign social media profiles.

The individual must be able to work directly with the candidate, operate well with the campaign team, and take direction from leadership. They will be required to meet specific goals and provide regular reports to leadership, and should be able to speak to responsibilities directly during meetings and calls.

Individuals in this role must have a passion for politics, making a difference, and the candidate/campaign. The ideal candidate for this position is responsible, punctual, hard-working, tireless, detail-oriented, and well-groomed. They should excel at keeping track of details, thrive in a supportive team environment, and be capable of working independently as necessary. They must have their own vehicle, a valid drivers’ license and car insurance, and a good driving record. They must be discreet, trustworthy, and protective of confidential information. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must embrace challenges and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Individuals must hold right-of-center political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) the southwest suburbs of Chicago. 


Supporting the candidate on a daily basis:

- Attend events with the candidate, ensure maximum exposure at the event, and collect as much information as possible.

-- Attend meetings with the candidate, take notes, and provide support as needed.

-- Transport the candidate as necessary.

-- Provide support before/after activities:

-- Assist with scheduling and identifying events and campaign activities.

-- Research individuals at upcoming meetings and influencers at upcoming events and prepare candidate.

-- Collect information and provide to campaign team.

-- Assist with follow-ups.

-- Take photos of the candidate and campaign events.

-- Assist with generating activity for campaign social media accounts.

-- Build relationships with influencers, supporters, and the campaign team.

-- Meet specific weekly and monthly goals, and regularly report progress to leadership.


- Demonstrable Republican or conservative political experience in any U.S. jurisdiction

- Excellent attention to detail, punctual, reliable, and hard-working

- Trustworthy and ability to respect confidentiality and work with discretion

- Functional and presentable vehicle, valid drivers’ license and insurance, and good driving record

- Self-starter with ability to work independently and as part of a team

- Strong commitment to the candidate’s principles and candidacy

- Located in (or able/willing to travel to) the southwest suburbs of Chicago


Individual will be paid based on expertise with an increase during the General Election. Individual will be reimbursed for all approved campaign expenses, including travel expenses.


Send a cover letter specific to this opportunity, your resume, 3 references, and links to your social media profiles to [email protected] Phone calls will not be accepted.

Paid Petition Circulator

Paid Petition Ciruclator


Cor has opportunities with several GOP candidates in assisting with ballot access. Most campaigns we partner with are willing to pay by the signature, so the more you hustle, the more you earn. If you live in Illinois, Cor is probably working with a campaign in your area… Be ready to start this weekend!


We have opportunities between $4-$6 per signature, with opportunities to double up in certain regions. Right now our opportunities are in McHenry County, DuPage County and Wheatland Township.


Send an e-mail with the subject line “Paid Petition Circulator” to [email protected]. Be sure to tell us your name, address, and if you have any campaign experience. Resumes are of course welcome! Phone calls will not be accepted.


Contact us at [email protected] with your petition and your budget.

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