Chris Jackowiak

Political Captain
Chris Jackowiak has lived in a politically active community his entire life, growing up in the world of precinct captains and local political bosses on Chicago’s southwest side and suburbs. He has had a passion for organizing since grade school when he helped organize a write in campaign in his school’s mock presidential election.

Chris got his professional start in politics during the crowded 2019 Chicago mayoral election. Knocking on doors in the cold Chicago winter helped grow his passion for voter outreach and persuasion. He most recently served on the field staff of former Congressman Dan Lipinski’s primary campaign. Chris has also lent his talents to other congressional and local races. He cares deeply about his community and issues relating to blue-collar workers and constituent services.

When he isn’t wracking his brain looking at election returns, Chris spends his time playing hockey, studying and playing chess, discussing philosophy at the local bar, and volunteering for local organizations. He is a devout Catholic, Eagle Scout, and die-hard fan of the Chicago White Sox.