You want to run for office. You know where you want to go, but getting there is a bit tricky.

  • When is the deadline for getting on the ballot and how can you do so without getting knocked off by a technicality?

  • What paperwork needs to be filed to legally run a campaign?

  • How does one navigate the complicated web of campaign finance?

  • What constitutes the foundation of a successful campaign’s infrastructure, and how do you create this out of nothing?

  • As the campaign team grows, how do you keep everyone busy moving you closer to victory?

  • How do you manage the day-to-day operations of a campaign when you’re supposed to be raising money and kissing babies?

You have a vision of what you want to accomplish — you’re running for office to make a difference. You’re putting your name and reputation on the line, so you won’t trust just anyone with the reigns of your campaign… and you shouldn’t. That’s why you need Cor Strategies’ tested and proven campaign team managing your efforts.

The members of our team have run businesses, political organizations, and campaigns both large and small. We specialize in making your vision a reality, handling the logistical details so you can spend your time focused on those things only the candidate can do.

While you’re out shaking hands at the train station and giving a speech at the local VFW, we’re building and maintaining your calendar, securing campaign collateral, engaging team members and volunteers to ensure their talents are used effectively, guiding field efforts using data to target and build personal connections, and managing the finances to ensure the lights stay on through Election Day.

It isn’t just a slogan. Hire other consulting firms and you’ll find them sitting around a wooden table in a back room of your office on Election Day, their favorite beverage already in hand.

Hire Cor Strategies and we’ll be next to you on the streets working to earn those last few votes you might need to emerge victorious once the polls close.