Don’t Let Wins Slip Through Your Fingers

The past few election cycles, many quality Republican candidates wouldn’t throw their hats in to run, leaving our party with candidates that have no chance to win in the General Election.

Now, with petitions being passed, we’re seeing some success in recruitment, but we still need more quality recruits running for office.

We can’t go into another election cycle, especially one as important as 2024, with weak candidates on the ballot.

That’s what we’re talking about today—the importance of recruiting good candidates, where you can find quality candidates outside of your organization and township meetings, and why turning this state around starts with making long-term investments into candidate recruitment.

Candidates file in about 2 months. You still have time to recruit, but that time is starting to run out. WATCH Collin Corbett, Abby Oliver, and John Giesecke give you and your organization helpful tips on candidate recruitment.

Respond here to let us know what you’ve found to be a successful recruiting tactic or if you have questions about getting candidates on the ballot!

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