Since our founding in 2009, one of Cor’s biggest strengths has been our ability to develop highly-effective messaging for our clients, and then communicate that message to the public consistently and convincingly on every available platform. We are looking to add someone to our marcom team with communications skills who can originate persuasive, emotional, and impactful content and communications that will resonate with voters and specific target audiences.

To start, this individual will be tasked with executing our communications strategies by utilizing the messaging we have developed. They will also create communications content that incorporates that client’s messaging and reflects their identity and campaign strategy, including, but not limited to, emails, call scripts, social media posts, letters, press releases, letters to the editor/op-eds, website copy, and responses to queries and questionnaires. This individual will help create copy and content for all departments, including political, events, field, government affairs, data and telecom, and particularly marketing. They will be involved daily with assisting in the creation of all marketing materials, including copy for print/digital ads, collateral, direct mail, videos, and audio. They will work with the marcom team to develop short- and long-term plans that encompass all communications and marketing related content. This individual will also handle developing content for Cor’s communications and marketing.

Ultimately, as the individual proves themselves capable, they will be tasked with developing high-level messaging for clients, working directly with the strategy team and client. They will help examine and document client identities, combine bio and historical details with identities to craft narrative biographies, and work within an identity and campaign strategy to develop campaign themes, slogans, and talking points.

Individuals in this role must have a documented ability to communicate effectively in writing as well as verbally, as well as the ability to write in another’s voice. They must have a passion for communicating ideas, issues, and candidates, and an ability to communicate another’s ideas and thoughts as if they were their own. The ideal candidate for this position is prompt, responsive, supportive, collaborative, patient, thorough, articulate, and driven. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must embrace challenges and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Candidates must hold right-of-center political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) Chicagoland.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work directly with multiple clients and be able to understand their identities, messaging, and strategic goals in order to give each the impression that they are your only client.
  • Ensure clients stay on message by monitoring and providing feedback, support, and training as necessary.
  • Develop content for clients based on their specific identities and messaging, writing/speaking in their voice; communications content includes, but not limited to, press releases, stories, articles, emails, letters, social media posts, call scripts, website copy, direct mail, collateral, advertising, questionnaire answers, and inquiry responses.
  • Coordinate content with clients, facilitating and implementing client feedback.
  • Work with team and external partners to facilitate communications & outreach, supporting team members as necessary, fostering effective collaboration, and ensuring services are completed and results delivered on schedule and in a timely manner.
  • Deliver tailored messages directly to individuals most likely to respond to those messages at the best possible time.
  • Work closely with all departments, particularly marcom, to develop and ensure all marketing and communications plans are being completed on time and in the most effective way possible.
  • Meet specific weekly and monthly goals, and regularly report progress to leadership and clients.
  • In time, and with training on Cor’s processes and strategies, develop identities, themes/slogans, bios, messaging, and talking points for campaign and organizational clients.

Position Requirements

  • Demonstrable Republican or conservative political communications experience
  • Excellent attention to detail, guidance, grammar, messaging, branding, and politics
  • Detailed, precise, accurate, direct, thorough, and focused
  • Personable and friendly, able to interact professionally and constructively both internally and externally
  • Self-starter with ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • A desire to learn and an interest in continued involvement in center-right politics
  • Trustworthy and ability to respect confidentiality and work with discretion
  • A strong commitment to Cor’s mission, vision, core values, and clients
  • A passion for the opportunity and field as well as an interest in growing with an innovative firm
  • Located in (or able/willing to travel to) the northwest suburbs of Chicago

Position Compensation & Benefits

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and responsibilities. Cor provides health insurance benefits, a flexible work schedule, and rapid advancement opportunities.

To Apply

Send a cover letter, resume, three references, and links to your social media profiles to Phone calls will not be accepted.

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