Available Position: Scheduler & Administrative Assistant – 2020


Company Profile

Cor Strategies is a Midwest-based political solutions company that drives results. Founded in 2009, we’re the largest full-service center-right political company in Illinois. To date we’ve worked with nearly 500 campaigns and 200 businesses and organizations.

We use our expertise and relationships to make a difference by doing work that matters. Our mission is to fix Illinois and move our country forward by advancing center-right people who espouse public service, organizations that progress commonsense principles, and causes that promote the public good.

Position Description

We are in need of assistance with scheduling and administrative duties for Cor and our clients.

Most importantly, this individual will be tasked with managing our candidates’ schedules, ranging from statewide to local candidates. They will research and collect potential events in all regions covered by our candidates, scheduling our candidates for attendance as directed by the political and field teams. They will coordinate with various departments to maximize the impact of our candidates’ time, especially candidates with larger districts, scheduling political, PR, and field activities around events. They will assist other departments with getting their activities on our candidates’ schedules, including fundraising and field events, fundraising and political call times, and PR activities. And they will ensure our candidates have everything they need to be properly prepared for each activity on their calendars.

This individual will also assist the team with various administrative duties. This includes helping maintain and manage our headquarters, assisting the financial department as needed, working with redshirts (interns), and supporting leadership.

Individuals in this role must have a documented ability to manage calendars and schedules. They must have excellent attention to detail, superb organizational skills, and a strong memory. They must be dedicated to efficiency, both in their own activities and in maximizing the impact of our candidates’ limited time. They must excel at developing relationships, especially with individuals throughout Illinois who schedule and promote events. They must be comfortable working with calendaring software and systems, especially Google Calendar. The ideal candidate for this position is detailed, organized, thorough, accurate, and focused. They must be knowledgeable but ready to research and learn when additional information or skills are required to accomplish a task. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must be a self-starter, embrace challenges, and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Candidates must hold center-right political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) Inverness, Illinois.

Position Responsibilities

  • Work directly with clients to manage their schedules, being supportive and direct as necessary.
  • Actively manage schedules for specific larger candidates, finding events for them to attend, collecting opportunities from contacts through their districts, scheduling their attendance at events, working with the team to schedule additional activities around these events, and preparing the candidates for activities.
  • Research potential events for all clients, identifying opportunities for them to meet multiple voters in a single setting.
  • Work directly with leadership and the political & field teams to determine which events candidates should attend.
  • Coordinate with fellow team members to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of our candidates’ schedules.
  • Support other departments in their efforts to place items on our candidates’ schedules, coordinating availability as needed.
  • Help maintain and manage Cor’s Inverness headquarters, working with the team to ensure the office is kept clean, maintained, and stocked. Help plan and coordinate internal Cor activities.
  • Assist the financial department as needed with duties such as filing, data entry, spreadsheet management, and other supportive activities like checking the PO Box and making deposits.
  • Work with Cor’s redshirts while they are in the office, helping oversee them as they conduct the activities assigned to them by their direct supervisors.
  • Support leadership as needed with administrative duties.

Position Requirements

  • Demonstrable Republican or Conservative Political Experience in Any U.S. Jurisdiction
  • Self-Starter with Ability to Work Independently and as Part of a Team
  • Excellent Attention to detail, Superb Organizational Skills, Strong Memory, and Good Relationship Skills
  • Efficient, Detailed, Organized, Thorough, Accurate, and Focused
  • Desire to Learn and an Interest in Continued Involvement in Center-Right Politics
  • Trustworthy and Ability to Respect Confidentiality and Work with Discretion
  • Strong Commitment to Cor’s Mission, Vision, Cor Values, and Clients
  • Passion for the Opportunity and Field and an Interest in Growing with an Innovative Firm
  • Located in (or Able/Willing to Travel to) Inverness, IL

Position Compensation & Benefits

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and responsibilities. Cor provides health insurance benefits, a flexible work schedule, and rapid advancement opportunities.

To Apply

Send a cover letter, resume, three references, and links to your social media profiles to Hub@CorStrategies.com. Phone calls will not be accepted.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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