This 12th Year Celebration Is Different

For the first 10 years of Cor Strategies, we put our heads down and fought for candidates, organizations, and causes whose mission and values were the same as ours—ultimately making our communities, state, and country better. We were growing exponentially every year.

Then COVID hit and put us to the test. Our brand new headquarters was shuttered for months, multiple divisions had to be put on ice, and our revenues were slashed by 60%. The past two years have been the hardest in Cor’s history.

Yet we survived. And we did so without laying off or even furloughing a single team member. It was mentally and physically exhausting. It took sacrifice. Admittedly, very little of it was fun.

But even in that darkness, we stayed true to our mission. We continued to help the right people, causes, and efforts to make our communities and state better. And we had some signature wins, including helping defeat Pritzker’s Progressive Tax.

Today, on Cor’s 12-year anniversary, we’re excited to say the storm clouds seem to finally be lifting. Our government affairs, referendum, telecom and tech work is all starting to get back to pre-pandemic levels. We have dozens of candidates chomping at the bit to run in 2022 once the maps are final. And our team is hungry to get back to thriving instead of just surviving.

We’re hopeful. Poor decision-making in Washington and Springfield has voters eager for commonsense leaders and referendums with a vision for a brighter future, and we’re excited to push these forward in 2022 and beyond.

The future will only be better if we make it so. So strap on your boots, the next year is gonna be a wild ride.

Cor Strategies

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