Cor Strategies can help you achieve your vision. Our proven government affairs team has decades of experience and has built a strong network of influencers throughout Illinois. We are experts at recruiting and mobilizing supporters for causes, engaging key influencers and stakeholders, influencing the public, winning elections, and navigating government and regulatory waters.

Public Engagement

You need to make an impact and have constituents and local influencers put your message in front of key stakeholders quickly. Our team can identify your base, as well as individuals within our extensive networks, communicate with them on how the issue is critical, and move them to engage your target stakeholders.

Lawmaker Intercepts, Letters-to-the-Editor, Influencer Meetings & Roundtables

Civic Mobilization

You have dedicated supporters, employees, or members and wish to mobilize them to engage in the political process. We help your business, organization, or association activate your resources to impact your target audience, from the general public to specific policymakers.

Association Government Relations, PAC Management, Employee Civic Engagement

Influencer Persuasion

To further your issue or business, you need to garner support from specific community stakeholders. Our team will utilize our extensive network and key relationships to engage these influencers on your behalf and earn their support for your mission.

Local Leader Endorsements, Influencer Meetings, Community Presentations

Issue Advocacy

You believe in your cause, and you want others to believe in it as much as you do. We use our experience working on both the political and government side of today’s issues to help you more effectively advocate for your cause, educate stakeholders, and drive awareness.

Policymaker Briefings, Issue Briefing Books, PR Campaigns, Staff Trainings

Community Involvement

Your district needs public support to invest in infrastructure improvements, build a new school, grow needed programs, or resolve your pension liability. As one of the few firms nationwide that has successfully accomplished this in today’s tough financial climate, we engage the public and gain community buy-in for your project.

Public Engagement, Feedback Gathering, Community Presentations

Referendum Development

You’ve determined that you need to go to referendum, so now you must develop the referendum in a way that ensures its passage. Our team is experienced in passing and defeating referendums, so we know what does and does not resonate with the public, and we use that knowledge to help you craft a referendum destined for success at the polls.

Public Opinion Research, Referendum Drafting, Bond House Engagement