With the power to control how people view your brand, what people believe about certain issues, and if people will vote for your candidate, communications is the most important tool in your belt. It’s your power drill. Lucky for you, most campaigns and organizations neglect to invest in this area. They’re content to stick with their manual screwdriver.

Our expert communications team knows how to build effective communications strategies and messaging calendars, having guided hundreds of successful efforts.

The basis of this strategy is your messaging, which after exhaustive sessions with our communications team is culled to a single document containing your elevator pitch, bullet points, main issues, and bios. These are all based on an intimate knowledge of what messages resonate with voter intuition, down to the phrases and words that drive certain actions and create specific feelings.

We then execute that communications strategy through public relations. Via stories, press releases, statements, white papers, and commentary, we generate interest in your message and earn you publicity. You benefit from our track record of providing interesting and worthwhile stories and the relationships we’ve built with producers, editors, reporters, and bloggers throughout Illinois.

  • Utilize our extensive press list and connections to reach your target audience;

  • Develop a PR plan focused on strategy, tactics, and messaging;

  • Build a correlation between traditional, earned, and social media;

  • Execute your PR plan using our relationship with various media outlets to provide you with publicity on an on-going basis to build awareness, visibility and recognition;

  • Track your media hits and press mentions from all outlets.

Finally, we are effective in utilizing our communications expertise to update your existing internal and external communications. From an updated name or slogan to a complete overhaul of all content, our revisions will inject new excitement into your brand and generate new interest in your cause.

Let Cor Strategies help you drill your message home.