As detailed in our values, we are all in when it comes to leaving a better community, state and country to our children than was left to us. As a result, we invest our time and resources helping prepare future right-of-center candidates and activists. As a leader in your community, we are offering to partner with you to bring an in-depth candidate and/or activist training to your area. We work with the nationally-recognized Leadership Institute as well as the leading Illinois conservative news outlet Illinois Review to provide these trainings free of charge to right-of-center grassroots organizations and groups.

Available Partial & Full Day TrainingsTrainings Photo 3

New Candidate Training
Advanced Candidate Training
New Activist Training
Advanced Activist Training Precinct Committeeman/Captain Training Communications Training Social Media Training

Potential Topics

Precinct Committeeman/Captain Training
Using Social Media Effectively
Nature of Politics & Why Activism Matters
Getting Involved
Organizing Your Precinct
How to Hold Elected Officials Accountable
Planning Successful Events
How to Communicate Effectively
Working with the Media (Traditional & New)
Developing a Winning Campaign Plan Voter Contact – Strategy, Operations & GOTV
Advanced Social Media Training Organizing & Maintaining Organizations

Schedule a Training

To schedule a training for groups of 10-or-more candidates or 25-or-more activists, contact us today. To learn more about this program, Click Here.

Recommended Resources

Leadership Institute
NXTgen Illinois
Illinois Lincoln Excellence in Public Service Series
Illinois Review
Precinct Committeemen/Captain Information (training given in Lake County so not all info may be applicable to your area)
Township/Ward Committeeman/Chairman Information (resource developed for Cook County so not all info may be applicable to your area)

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