Political Strategy

The difference between a victorious candidate and a losing candidate is oftentimes undetectable from the public’s perspective. They both work hard. They both seem serious and have strong opinions on the issues of the day. Yet donors, officials, and voters all seem to flock to one candidate over the other. Why does this happen? The difference comes down to the consultant. Just like the Chicago … [Read More]

"My political strategy team is Cor Strategies. Whether it’s internal Party politics or tough campaigns, these guys know how to strategize to win. They’ve served me well in my political career and I recommend them to any candidate or organization that’s ready to get serious about winning."
--Aaron Del Mar, Cook County Republican Party Chairman

Government Affairs

Whether you seek to see a certain bill become law or need to ensure your issue isn’t watered down or beaten, navigating the tangled web of government and special interests can often be nearly impossible. You might not even know where to start. Our government affairs team consists of issue experts and retired lawmakers who specialize in helping you fully understand your issue and how … [Read More]

"Cor Strategies is helping us strengthen our relationships with legislators while at the same time establishing Pioneer Center for Human Services as an agency that can provide direct insight on relevant issues facing human services. The guidance and connections offered through government affairs planning has proven to be a good investment and we are truly appreciative of the customer service Cor Strategies offers. If you are looking to make progress in elevating your service mission with lawmakers and civic leaders we recommend Cor Strategies."
--Patrick Maynard, Pioneer Center for Human Services CEO

Data & Analytics

Barack Obama didn’t win in 2008 because he was better at utilizing technology than John McCain, as many have intimated. He won because his team was better at collecting, managing, and utilizing data. They worked to collect every detail they could on voters, and then tailored their outreach efforts based on the preferences and beliefs of the individuals. Whether you are looking to increase activism … [Read More]

"While the private sector has finally begun to understand the power of data, analytics, and personalization, the world of politics remains woefully behind. Cor Strategies bridges that gap, acting as a personal data science team. Their deep understanding of core metrics and goals enables any candidate or cause to reach maximum effectiveness and results."
--Erik Severinghaus, SimpleRelevance Founder & CEO

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