Campaign Management

So you want to run for office. You know where you want to go, but getting there is a bit tricky. When is the deadline for getting on the ballot and how can you do so without getting knocked off by a technicality? What paperwork needs to be filed to legally run a campaign? How does one navigate the complicated web of campaign finance? What … [Read More]

"Going from never before running for office to running for a countywide office in the 3rd largest county in Illinois with a minimal budget, I had a huge task ahead of me in my campaign. There was no doubt in my mind that the team I needed to be successful was the experts at Cor Strategies. Not only did we win, but we won by 10% in a year when Obama was at the top of the ticket and won my county by over 8%."
--Keith Brin, Lake County Circuit Court Clerk


Your ability to fundraise, whether you are a candidate or an organization, will determine your success. You need money to get your message out. The level to which you are taken seriously is mostly determined by the number listed on your last financial report. Individuals only truly buy into your mission when they write a check to your committee, regardless of the amount. And there … [Read More]

"Running for office takes more money today than it ever has before, which makes fundraising vital for success. I’m proud to have worked with Cor Strategies to raise the funds necessary to win my campaigns as well as many others throughout the area. Their development team is second to none."
--David Stolman, Lake County Treasurer and Former Lake County Board Chairman

Event Management

Thunderous applause as the band plays out your successful event. The hum of activity as attendees mill about between session rooms and convention space. Dozens of supporters signing up to support your campaign or cause after being pumped up by a rousing rally. A line out the door as attendees wait patiently to have their books signed by your special guest speaker after a delicious … [Read More]

Field Operations

No matter how much money you spend, a candidate without an effective ground game is like Patton without Third Army. Field operations have proven to have the highest percentage of voter conversion of any campaign effort, and they grow even more effective the further technology develops and the more pervasive campaign ads become.

"Cor Strategies ran an effective field operation for my campaign. They understand that success requires targeted, personalized efforts combined with tireless effort. I worked with them because they wanted to win nearly as much as I did, and together we were victorious."
--Karen McConnaughay, Illinois State Senator

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