Email Marketing

Personalized Political Email Solution Cor Strategies provides the best political email solution for you. Our email system is guaranteed to be easier to use and more effective than your current system as well as any other systems on the market today, because it has been designed specifically for political email. Take a look at the benefits below and then let us be your partner in … [Read More]

"Cor Strategies’ email marketing is invaluable. Being able to communicate directly with your voters with personalized and individualized messages is a huge advantage in a campaign. The emails they put out are eye-catching and demonstratively more effective. I strongly recommend taking advantage of their system and expertise."
--Ed Sullivan, State Representative and House Republican Organization Chairman


It does no good to have the best candidate and message if you don’t put that message in front of voters. What’s more, with consumers being inundated with advertisements from every angle, your advertising has to cut through clutter to get noticed. Our team of effective, creative geniuses know how to develop winning advertising campaigns that get noticed and convert voters. This includes television ads … [Read More]

"Cor Strategies offers excellent professional services in supporting their client’s advertising needs whether applied in not for profit enterprises or political campaigns. They are proactive and maintain a deep connection with the client and persons of influence who have a stake in the success of the organization."
--Brian Kelly, Bulk Lift CEO & Patriots United Founder

Direct Mail

Direct mail works. Yep, even we rolled our eyes at that statement. Just like you, we walk from the mailbox with a stack of mail destined for the bottom of our trashcan. But direct mail still works. Due to the proliferation of ads in our daily lives, and the overuse of mail by marketers of every stripe, to use direct mail effectively you have to … [Read More]

"After running for office the first time unsuccessfully, some friends recommended I hire Cor Strategies . The second time around I won by over 21%. Their direct mail proved to be the difference. Voters in my district were telling me all throughout the campaign that my mail was the best they had ever received, and even in a judicial race they felt compelled to read the pieces and vote for me. I strongly recommend Cor Strategies for their direct mail services and more to anyone who asks me how they can get elected to public office."
--Paul Pavlus, Cook County Circuit Court Judge


Your brand is the core of who you are and how you’re viewed. It determines the type of clientele you attract and the expectations of your current and potential clients. The question is: what does your brand say about you? Cor Strategies specializes in finding your core and then reflecting that across your brand through unique marketing techniques. Our team consists of experienced marketing leaders, … [Read More]

"With a slate of mostly newcomers running against a slate of established, long-time incumbents, we knew the task ahead of us was a difficult one. That's why we turned to Cor Strategies. From the very start, they helped us run the perfect campaign by building for us a compelling brand and molding us into the candidates we needed to be in order to win. Thanks to them, we swept our elections by a wide margin and now have the opportunity to serve our community as elected officials."
--Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, Palatine Township Supervisor


With the power to control how people view your brand, what people believe about certain issues, and if people will buy your product or vote for your candidate, communications may well be the most important tool in your marketing belt. It’s your power drill.  Lucky for you, most campaigns and businesses neglect to invest in this area. They’re content to stick with their manual screwdriver. Let Cor Strategies … [Read More]

"The Cor Strategies team has proven expertise in problem solving, which I've witnessed first-hand while working with them on major projects, research, and candidate and activist training. Our side needs to get better at communicating the issues and developing our candidates, and Cor Strategies is facilitating that necessary improvement."
--Dennis Lacomb, Illinois Review Publisher

Social Media

Do you have a social media presence? Are you engaging current and potential supporters or customers directly on the platforms that have become integral parts of their daily lives? Sadly, many businesses and campaigns miss the true power of social media. They either ignore the platforms completely or create a profile and haphazardly follow people like online spammers. Cor Strategies can help you do it … [Read More]

"With every campaign thinking that email and social media will be the key to their victory, voters are getting inundated with ads and political content. To be successful on these important platforms today, you need experts who know how to cut through the clutter and connect directly with the voting public. Cor Strategies uses a personalized, individualized approach driven by data and analytics. Combined with custom graphics, cutting-edge strategies, and riveting messaging they have proven they know how to use these tools to help deliver victory."
--Kirk Dillard, Illinois State Senator


Telecommunications services are the most cost-effective way of getting your message out, including robocalls, tele town halls, and polls. They are also the most misused.

"I have used Cor Strategies for a number of telecom services, including robocalls and tele town halls. Their services are top quality yet very competitively priced. Whether I need quick job turnaround or strategies for maximizing response rates, I know these guys have me covered."
--Kevin Artl, Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer Campaign Manager and Former House Republican Organization Executive Director


You need yard signs, buttons, banners, stickers or flyers. And there are hundreds of vendors promising you the lowers prices and best quality, yet you’ve never heard of any of them. What do you do? Cor Strategies has done extensive searches for vendors for any possible item you could need. We’ve tested these vendors for quality, speed, and support. And we’ve negotiated with the best ones to offer … [Read More]

"Cor Strategies came to the rescue for our 2012 State GOP Convention. Tasked with production and procurement of collateral materials as well as several other related solutions for this massive event, Cor Strategies didn't just treat us as another client, as they immersed themselves into the event plan and vested themselves in the success of the convention. They truly went above and beyond the scope of work that was required, and because of their work ethic, professionalism and efficiency, the optics of the convention were a resounding success."
--Jonathan Blessing, Illinois Republican Party Executive Director

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