Telecommunications services are one of the most cost-effective ways to get your message out and collect data, including robocalls, tele-town halls, and polls. They are also the most misused.

Cor Strategies isn’t just a service provider, though, we can certainly accommodate your every need. We are your partner.

Our team has decades of experience developing custom telecommunications solutions for our clients, and we are currently conducting telecom services nationwide in over thirty states.

We offer a number of live and automated polling options, allowing us to customize your poll around your budget and desired output. Our proprietary system can model polls in real time as dialing is being conducted. We can output only toplines or have our experts extrapolate the data and provide detailed crosstabs and pivot tables. We can do simple snapshot polls or detailed benchmark surveys. The questions can be linear or dynamic with each question based on the respondent’s previous answer, and we can rotate responses. In short: we have the solution for your every polling need and our projections have tracked within 2% of the final results each election cycle.

We do tele-town halls better than anyone else. This technology allows you (and any special guests) to discuss the issues of the day with the public in your targeted area, and none of your targeted individuals need to leave home or disrupt their schedules.

For robocalls, our quality is unmatched and our prices are reasonable. We add additional value by helping you identify the best geographical and demographic criteria for your calls, and we assist with developing call scripts. Finally, you have special options available to you such as custom caller IDs, response capturing, and personalized messages.

We are professionals at using text messaging to get your campaign’s message out. This emotive technology is highly effective with over 70% of texts getting read and over 40% of texts receiving a response back from voters. It is a new and highly personal way for your campaign to persuade voters to take action. Our Cor team will help you every step of the way using this new innovative campaign technology.

Our polling is more accurate, our robocalls more effective, and our team more helpful than anyone else in the market. Even better, our prices are so good that many policy shops, elected officials, candidates, municipalities, school districts, and political organizations have made us their preferred telecom provider. Follow their lead and you will quickly learn why.

We employ data experts who can properly manage your data.

Our team can develop your data infrastructure, a plan for utilizing that data, and the proper mindset on the importance of personalizing your outreach to potential voters.

We help you mine data sources to supplement your data, including generating contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers and political preferences. We then create the proper infrastructure for holding, maintaining, and supplementing this data over time through your regular day-to-day activities. Finally, we develop a plan for reaching each of these individuals with personalized pitches, combining the highlights of your platform with the individual personalities we can model using the data we have collected.

Each of us is more willing to buy into a cause when the pitch is personalized with our name and preferences. We are each more likely to vote for the candidate who focuses on our issues and has an image compatible with our intuition. With the proper data management, your success rate will skyrocket.