It does no good to have the best candidate and message if you don’t put that message in front of voters. What’s more, with consumers
being inundated with advertisements from every angle, your advertising has to cut through clutter to get noticed.

Our team of effective, creative geniuses know how to develop winning advertising campaigns that get noticed and convert voters.

This includes television advertising and internet videos, dynamic digital and social media advertising, email marketing, radio ads, newspaper ads, and branded content.

We achieve these results by having a comprehensive plan that ties together all aspects of our advertising as well as other outreach aspects of the campaign. That way our message to voters is consistent when they see it on TV, read it in their email, experience it online, listen to it on a volunteer phone call, and hear it during a candidate speech.

We work with your team to develop a strategy that utilizes your strengths and capabilities while taking into account that certain mediums work better for different desired outcomes, such as driving web traffic, soliciting contributions, engaging audiences, or collecting information.

If you go to a “mail guy” and ask what you need to do to get elected, what do you think he’s going to say? Because we are a full-service political company, with specialists on our team who can handle all aspects of political advertising, you know you’re getting the best advice.

We spend the time it takes to make your advertising personal and targeted to ensure it is as effective as possible.

We have seen tremendous results through targeted digital marketing efforts utilizing social media ads, search engine marketing, web ads, and email marketing. Even streaming services and cable television are now allowing more targeted advertising. These methods allow us to tailor the message to the recipient, freeing you from the constraints of mass marketing efforts which require a single message and ad to all recipients.

Advertising via Cor Strategies is advertising in a 3D world.
Odds are your competition is still stuck in 2D.