How and When to Use Live Response Gathering for Polls

How many people do you know still use a landline—let alone have one? We all know automated response gathering is becoming less and less viable for polling.

In addition, some response gathering options, like automated, mail, and online, make it difficult or even impossible to match responses to specific respondents, reducing accuracy and limiting what you can do with the data.

If you’re going to spend the time and money to run a poll, it’s worth spending to do it right.

Collin Corbett and Cor’s Data Wizard Abe Levy are back to share the pros and cons to live response gathering, as well as tips for how you can keep costs under control.

Collin and Abe take it from here:


Collin and Abe will be breaking down the advantages and disadvantages of each of the six polling response gathering options. Click here for an overview of each of the response gathering options and use the below chart as your polling resource.

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