Aileen Gaspari
Finance Director

Aileen handles all of Cor’s internal and external day-to-day accounting and financial duties. Instead of sharing details of her nearly decades-worth of experience heading accounting departments and most importantly, making sure all the money is where it’s supposed to be, Aileen wants people to know she is a proud mama of two kids, Sophia and Cameron, and two dogs, Minnie and Pawlie.

While new to politics, she was motivated to join a team where she can see her efforts make a difference. Aileen believes we all have a part to play in making our community, state, and country better, and she is excited to step up to help create a better home for her children and neighbors. Coming from a family of immigrants, she’s always wanted to be a part of something bigger than herself and instill positive change in the country that has given her family so much.

Aileen was recently married to her incredible husband, Nick, in June 2021. Aileen is a die-hard White Sox fan (receiving a major stamp of approval from Collin). She has attended over 180 Sox games and named her dogs after two of her favorite players. You can catch her in the dugout too—she coaches a team in the Northern Illinois Men’s Baseball League. She also is an avid golfer, playing in a couples league every Thursday night.