Budgeting & Mapping Voter Outreach

You know where you want to go. But how do you get there?

Too often, candidates and organizations get involved in the political process with a clear vision for where they want to go. But they quickly get bogged down in the minutiae—and months or even years later, they look back and realize they’ve made limited tangible progress.

When is the deadline for getting on the ballot and how can you do so without getting knocked off by a technicality? What paperwork needs to be filed to legally run a campaign? How does one navigate the complicated web of campaign finance? What constitutes the foundation of a successful campaign’s infrastructure, and how do you create this out of nothing? Who should you hire, and as the campaign team grows, how do you keep everyone busy moving you closer to victory? How do you manage the day-to-day operations of a campaign when you’re supposed to be raising money and kissing babies?

Our experienced team at Cor Strategies will help you develop a plan and budget that answers these questions and navigates you to your destination.

Having successfully helped hundreds of clients turn their visions into reality, we’re so good at this, even clients who hire “big national firms” end up entrusting the planning and tactics to us.

We will work with you to put in place effective plans for every aspect of your race or political effort. This includes ballot access, administration and operations, fundraising, voter contact, and hiring staff.

We help you build a budget and map paid voter outreach efforts to maximize every dollar.

And we work with you to develop a campaign calendar to ensure your efforts are as coordinated and effective as possible.

You are putting your or your organization’s name and reputation on the line—you can’t trust just anyone with the reigns.

That’s why you need the tested and proven team at Cor Strategies.