You need yard signs, buttons, banners, stickers or flyers. And there are hundreds of vendors promising you the lowest prices and best quality, yet you’ve never heard of any of them.

What do we do?

Cor Strategies has done extensive searches for vendors for any possible item you could need. We’ve tested these vendors for quality, speed, and support. And we’ve negotiated with the best ones to offer our clients the best possible rates.

What does this mean for you?

It means we can help you order whatever you might need, from t-shirts to personalized elephant flash drives and everything in between. You’ll get the best price and quality without having to find a vendor and work with someone you don’t know.

Our team will work with you to create the best collateral to accomplish your goal.

We help you design any necessary graphics and develop content. Then we engage the vendor that fits within your budget and will provide the quality you desire. Finally, we ensure delivery of the items by whatever deadlines you face.

Whether you’re looking for a creative giveaway to send to potential major donors or need to stock up for upcoming parades, Cor Strategies can take the hassle out of obtaining collateral.