"I have used Cor Strategies for a number of telecom services, including robocalls and tele town halls. Their services are top quality yet very competitively priced. Whether I need quick job turnaround or strategies for maximizing response rates, I know these guys have me covered."
--Kevin Artl, Tom Cross for Illinois Treasurer Campaign Manager and Former House Republican Organization Executive Director

Telecommunications services are the most cost-effective way of getting your message out, including robocalls, tele town halls, and polls. They are also the most misused.

Cor Strategies isn’t just a service provider, though we can certainly accommodate your every need. We are your partner. Our team has over 18 years of experience developing custom telecommunications solutions for our clients. The listen time and complaint percentage on our calls is lower than all of our competitors because we understand how to use this technology effectively.

In addition, our competitors cannot match our quality. Inferior providers draw unwitting prospects in with attractive low rates, but never mention that they achieve these rates by speeding up their dialers which results in drastically lower connect rates. In other words, you are paying for calls that never actually happen. In addition, they don’t provide call detail reports, leave you on your own to identify and prepare your data for broadcast, and sneak in hidden fees and charges.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a frequent dialer, let Cor Strategies upgrade your telecom experience.

For robocalls, our quality is unmatched and our prices are reasonable. We add additional value by helping you identify the best geographical and demographic criteria for your calls. You receive call detail reports after each call showing call results by number, connect times, and buttons pressed which enable you to capture data and clean your list. Finally, you have special options available to you such as custom caller IDs, response capturing, and personalized messages.

We also offer a number of polling options, allowing us to customize your poll around your budget and desired output. We provide live and automated polling. We can output only toplines or have our experts extrapolate the data and provide detailed crosstabs and pivot tables. We can do simple snapshot polls or detailed benchmark polls. The questions can be linear or dynamic with each question based on the respondent’s previous answer. In short: we have the solution for your every polling need and our projections have tracked within 2% of the final results each election cycle.

Finally, we do tele town halls better than anyone else. This technology allows you (and any special guests) to discuss the issues of the day with the public in your targeted area, and none of your targeted individuals need to leave home or disrupt their schedules. Our connection rate is superior, our support staff is more knowledgeable, and our team is more helpful than any of our competitors. Even better, our prices are so good that many municipalities, elected officials, school districts, and political organizations have made us their preferred telecom provider. Follow their lead and you will quickly learn why.

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