IL Political Talent Development Program

Company Profile

Cor Strategies is an innovative political solutions company. We are your partner, working tirelessly by your side to help ensure you are victorious. At Cor Strategies, we have the experience, strategic vision, and networks to guide you through the electoral process and ensure a successful outcome.

Cor was founded in 2009 on the concept that the fields of politics, marketing, and technology can be fused to achieve superior results. The effective use of cutting-edge technology is vital to any successful marketing or political campaign; the strategies and networks built in politics greatly enhance marketing and technology efforts; and the implementation of marketing principles in politics and technology is a path to success that has been ignored for far too long.

Since then, we have used this business model to become one of the leading center-right political consulting firms in Illinois.

Opportunity Description

Cor is looking to develop political talent in our home of Illinois. We firmly believe that the skill required to successfully elect right-of-center leaders resides within our state’s borders, and we are stepping up to help prepare that talent.

To accomplish this, we are bringing on up to three individuals looking to take the first (or next) step in their political careers. These individuals will be trained in one of three areas: field operations, development/fundraising, and digital marketing. The individuals will have the opportunity to hone these skills working alongside our experienced team on behalf of clients ranging from campaigns (statewide, legislative, judicial & county), national political organizations, and local not-for-profits. Individuals will be engaged for a minimum of 3 months and potentially as long as a year; engagement terms will be determined on an individual basis.

The ideal candidates for this position are responsible, punctual, hard-working, detail-oriented individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. They should excel at building relationships and thrive in a supportive team environment. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must embrace challenges and have the ability to set ambitious goals and deliver results. Candidates must hold right-of-center political beliefs and be located in (or able/willing to travel to) the Chicagoland area.

Potential Responsibilities

  • Event planning, marketing & execution
  • Organizing field efforts such as door-to-door canvassing, phone-banking, coffees, train station visits, and yard sign blitzes
  • Social media and website upkeep and content creation
  • Donor relationship management, finance committee engagement, and solicitation development
  • Issue, donor, and opposition research
  • Digital marketing, including social media advertising and email system management

Position Requirements

  • College degree or equivalent experience preferred
  • Demonstrable Republican or conservative political experience in any U.S. jurisdiction
  • Enthusiastic self-starter with critical thinking skills, good writing skills, and ability to take ownership of projects and responsibilities
  • A desire to learn and an interest in continued involvement in right-of-center politics
  • Trustworthy and ability to respect confidentiality and work with discretion
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • A strong commitment to Cor’s mission, core values, and clients
  • A passion for the opportunity and field as well as an interest in growing with an exciting firm

Position Compensation & Benefits

Cor will be hiring at least one of the individuals that successfully complete this program as a full time employee based on performance, investment, and team fit. For all others that successfully complete the program, Cor will provide letters of recommendation and will use our vast network to assist the individuals in securing their next career opportunity.

Throughout the course of the program, individuals will be provided incentive-based compensation opportunities. Additional compensation may be provided, commensurate with experience. Individuals will also have the opportunity to interact with key political influencers, developing their network while strengthening their resume.

To Apply

Send a cover letter, your resume, 3 references, and links to your social media profiles to Phone calls will not be accepted.

IL Political Talent Development Program 2016

738 E Dundee Rd #251
Palatine, IL 60074