We provide the hidden ingredient.

The difference between a victorious candidate and a losing candidate is oftentimes undetectable from the public’s perspective. They both work hard. They both seem serious and have strong opinions on the issues of the day. Yet donors, officials, and voters all seem to flock to one candidate over the other. Why does this happen?


We identify and communicate your core vision.

Cor Strategies specializes in finding your core and then reflecting that across your brand through cutting-edge marketing techniques. Our marketing and communications campaigns are personalized and targeted to ensure maximum effectiveness for your unique needs and budget.


We do. Let the others talk a big game.

Too many want to simply talk politics, acting as if this is a game that we are playing. We understand that those who make the sacrifice to get involved in politics are putting their names and futures on the line to make their community a better place. We count it an honor to fight by your side and work tirelessly to help you achieve success.

Petitions due very soon for Municipal Candidates

Congratulations to all our winners in last Tuesday's election! There is a buzz in Illinois now as we look towards the future and see hope for our great state again. However, now is n ... [Read More]

Election Day is exactly 2 weeks away.

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Congrats to Tuesday’s Winners! Next Step, get our Republican candidates elected in Nov!

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Dillard campaign uses Pandora to target voters [Sun Times]

State Sen. Kirk Dillard's campaign is using the popular music site Pandora to target voters. "We're branching off of the beaten path," said Wes Bleed, Dillard spokesman. "It's targeting ... [Read More]

Weather affecting primary election campaigns [Daily Herald]

The awful winter weather that dogged the suburbs for months also made the campaign season for local candidates harder than usual as volunteers have had to hammer yard signs into frozen tun ... [Read More]

Election Day is in exactly 1 month. Are you ready?

Voters are already casting their ballots by mail, and in less than 2 weeks they will start casting their ballots at Early Voting locations. Are you confident the ... [Read More]

Entrepreneur’s Eve at Adler Planetarium [NBC]

Entrepreneur’s Eve is a night to pay tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit of the world’s trail blazers. It applauds those pursuing the American dream and toasts the starters igniting ... [Read More]

Illinois Entrepreneurs to Celebrate New Year’s Eve [Illinois Review]

For the third year in a row, Illinois entrepreneurs and civic leaders will be ringing in the New Year at Entrepreneurs Eve 2013 (EE13). The brainchild of Collin ... [Read More]

Facebook group gives Wauconda residents a voice [Daily Herald]

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Chicago Republicans Get Ready to Run in 2014 [Illinois Review]

Chicago Republicans gathered at their Lincoln Park headquarters Saturday to rake in information on how to set up campaigns and get ready for the upcoming 2014 election season, starting aft ... [Read More]

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