Startup Marketing Package

Startups need a marketing partner, whether they be new campaigns, businesses, or organizations. Cor Strategies wants to be part of your team to make your vision a reality.

The key deliverable is to build an image that is appealing, a marketing campaign that drives interest and strong public loyalty, a brand that maintains top-bidding in search results for the region and/or district, and advertising strategies that maximize your budget.

Brand Development
Your brand is the foundation for all your current and future efforts. Without a brand that embodies your mission, clearly conveys your message, and positively defines your public image, all future efforts will falter. This brand must be consistent across all platforms and identify with the targeted region.

To develop your brand, Cor’s designers will work with your team to determine and compile preferences. We will then use our creative process to develop three logo options that take into account industry standards, convey your mission, can be replicated on all necessary surfaces and materials, and attract potential voters in your district. These logos will be subjected to your input as well as extensive field testing and research to ensure the quality of the final product. Using this input, a final logo will be developed and a brand identify document produced and distributed.

Collateral Creation
Your identity must be displayed on all materials to fully integrate the brand. To that end, Cor can design, print, and deliver all necessary collateral. This includes, but is not limited to, business cards, letterhead, envelopes (outbound #10 and inbound #9), and brochures. Each piece of collateral is designed to the brand specifications and your feedback.

Website Design and Development
Your web presence will be an important driver of your public image and outreach efforts. It will also be a tool to set you apart from your competition.

With our top-notch design team, we will create a website based on your brand. You will be provided several development options based on your budget. We will also train your team on how to use this technology and how to update the information on a regular basis.

Social Network Services
While advertising campaigns will put your message and brand in front of potential customers, social networks (when utilized properly) will help you connect and communicate with current and future customers. This is an important part of the overall marketing strategy as it helps develop a relationship with your customer base, an incentive for customers to become or remain loyal, stronger brand recognition, and a platform on which your customers can sing your praises and help promote your business.

Cor will develop your presence on Facebook and Twitter, populating the profiles with all relevant information. We will develop custom themes based on your brand to set your profiles apart from the competition, and will create an initial following by engaging individuals within the targeted region who are connected to Cor’s profiles.

Once your social network presence is established, we will train the necessary staff to maintain and utilize the profiles. We will develop a social network strategy to maximize the potential of these platforms, and provide ongoing support through tutorials, best practices, and technical support.

Email Marketing
An effective marketing strategy combines “touches” from multiple angles across multiple platforms. This strategy must be targeted in order to be effective and must reinforce your brand and the current advertising campaign.

Cor will design a template to be used for all emails, based on your brand and mirroring the look of your site. We will develop a list management and email distribution system and train the appropriate staff on their use to ensure maximum efficiency and success.

We will also develop an email marketing strategy and timeline to ensure efforts are done in coordination with advertising efforts, highlighting current information and events, and following industry standards for high deliver, read, and click rates.

Pricing is dependent on your specific needs. Contact us today for more details.

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