We provide the hidden ingredient.

The difference between a victorious candidate and a losing candidate is oftentimes undetectable from the public’s perspective. They both work hard. They both seem serious and have strong opinions on the issues of the day. Yet donors, officials, and voters all seem to flock to one candidate over the other. Why does this happen?


We identify and communicate your core vision.

Cor Strategies specializes in finding your core and then reflecting that across your brand through cutting-edge marketing techniques. Our marketing and communications campaigns are personalized and targeted to ensure maximum effectiveness for your unique needs and budget.


We do. Let the others talk a big game.

Too many want to simply talk politics, acting as if this is a game that we are playing. We understand that those who make the sacrifice to get involved in politics are putting their names and futures on the line to make their community a better place. We count it an honor to fight by your side and work tirelessly to help you achieve success.

SimpleRelevance – Erik Severinghaus & Jeremy Rose

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SimpleRelevance and Erik Severinghaus are taking the Chicago tech community by storm. SimpleRelevance provides marketing personalization and data optimization for Cor Strategies’ clients. Jeremy Rose serves as the point person for Cor Strategies’ clients, utilizing his extensive political experience to leverage the power of SimpleRelevance in the political space.



SimpleRelevance is the only big data platform that leverages your existing tools and workflow to personalize digital marketing.


Its clients (B2C companies sending email) see conversion increases of 30% to 300% and typically generate $20 of incremental revenue for every dollar in fees.


SimpleRelevance is the only email optimization platform that uses internal and external data to automatically execute smarter, individualized email campaigns. SimpleRelevance combines customers’ demographic data, social data, and previous purchase data with patent-pending technology to create emails that are individually personalized down to the time of day the email is sent, subject line, and the product recommendations shown. The result? Higher conversions, sales, and ROI.



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