Redistricting Package

As you survey your new legislative district, the task of reaching these new constituents suddenly becomes of utmost importance. Visibility is key, but with your schedule in Springfield and your daily responsibilities, how will you find the time? And if you cannot find the time to build a relationship with your new constituents, how will you fare come election time?

Cor Strategies’ Redistricting Package is perfect for you. We’ll create a relationship between you and your new constituents, connecting you with the people whose trust and support you must earn and helping you turn them into fans and lifelong supporters.

Telecom Services: Robocalls & Tele Town Halls
To reach those more busy or reserved residents where they are comfortable, your name
and message needs to be brought into their homes. Once each quarter Cor will facilitate
a call into the homes of the registered voters in your new district, and will write a
compelling script to draw interest and appreciation from the recipients. In addition, Cor
will facilitate a tele town hall once a quarter, which will allow you to talk with and take
questions from those who answer the call from the comfort of their own home.

Technology: Email Marketing & Social Networking
In order to connect with your new constituents, efforts must be made to reach those who
are more tech savvy. Cor will build an online profile for you, including a custom email
template and profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Foursquare. We will help you
locate and gather email addresses for your new constituents, and will facilitate regular
email updates to them using your new email template. We will train you on using your
new social networks and assist with targeting those efforts to people in your new district,
ensuring a lasting bond is built on a social level.

Events: Town Halls, Community Events, & Social Events
To build a personal and enduring relationship with the residents who will shortly become
your constituents, we will ensure you have at least one public event in your new district
each month. Events include formal town halls at civic locations, community events
such as parades & neighborhood gatherings, and social events such as house parties &
informal gatherings at popular local venues. Cor will coordinate your participation in
each event, design invitations, draft an advisory for media and partner organizations,
promote the event, and craft talking points for you.

Pricing is based on the size of the new portions of your district. Packages can be
customized and additional services are available. Contact us today to find out more.

Click here for a pdf listing details for this package.



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