Political Concierge

A highly visible and well-liked legislator is effective, popular, and unbeatable come election time. While one of the key responsibilities for a legislator is constituent communications, it’s often the part of the job that gets the least amount of attention.

Cor Strategies can fill that gap. We will create an ongoing relationship between you and your constituents, building a public image that strengthens your position within your district and lays a foundation for your next election.

With outside forces constantly looking for their next target, it is more important than ever for legislators to connect with the voters in their districts. We will foster these relationships to make constituents into friends and voters into fans.

Building Your Brand
Quick: name one successful business or product that does not have a recognizable brand.

Your brand is the foundation for all your current and future efforts. Without a brand that embodies your mission, clearly conveys your message, and positively defines your public image, all future efforts will falter.

Our experienced brand development team will work with you to develop your brand: a logo, colors, graphic elements, and a theme to serve as the basis for your messaging. We then help you implement this brand.

Developing an Engaging Message
Simply communicating more frequently with your constituents will not produce the desire results. What you say, and how you say it, is the key to success. It does you no good to discuss issues about which the voting public cares very little, and it does you even less good to do so in a way that does not gain you favor.

Our expert team of communicators will continually produce talking points on the key issues driving the public’s attention. We will then help you push out this messaging through all available channels.


Political Concierge photo 2Talking Directly with Your Constituents
There are three key ways we will help you talk directly with your constituents on a regular basis. First, via the standard channels: website stories, social media posts, and letters to the editor.

Second, we will utilize telecommunications services to help you talk with your voters. We will put out a robocall to all your constituents twice a quarter, informing them of important events and votes. We will also conduct a tele town hall twice a year, allowing your voters to connect with you directly.

Third, we will implement a hyper-targeted and personalized email program allowing you to regularly be in front of your constituents. We develop an email list of all right-of-center voters in your district, create a dynamic email template, and give you access to our proprietary system that learns the tendencies and issue preferences of your constituents so your communications to them earn the best possible results.

Average price for Political Concierge Package is $2000/mo for State Representatives and $3000/mo for State Senators. Initial setup cost per member is $2,000. Contact us today for an exact proposal for your district.

Note: As services are focused on constituent outreach, program costs can be paid through your government budget. Campaign funds may be used to augment efforts if desired.

Click here for a pdf listing details for this package.

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