Political Concierge

A highly visible and well-liked legislator is effective, popular, and unbeatable come election time. While one of the key responsibilities for a legislator is constituent communications, it’s often the part of the job that gets the least amount of attention. Cor Strategies can fill that gap. We will create an ongoing relationship between you and your constituents, building a public image that strengthens your position … [Read More]

Ballot Access Program

To run for office in Illinois, you must have the required number of petition signatures and must file your candidacy paperwork exactly correct or risk being knocked off the ballot by an opponent. The campaigns of many good candidates are ended prematurely each cycle because of technicalities, which is why we recommend using an expert to handle your ballot access program. Cor Strategies has successfully … [Read More]

Startup Marketing Package

Startups need a marketing partner, whether they be new campaigns, businesses, or organizations. Cor Strategies wants to be part of your team to make your vision a reality. The key deliverable is to build an image that is appealing, a marketing campaign that drives interest and strong public loyalty, a brand that maintains top-bidding in search results for the region and/or district, and advertising strategies … [Read More]

Local Elections Packages

Many promising campaigns flounder simply because they are spinning their wheels without strategic guidance. At Cor Strategies, we have the experience, strategic vision, and networks to guide you through the electoral process and ensure a successful outcome. In this capacity we have secured victory for candidates in races at every level, winning over 90% of our races. We have worked with 126 municipal candidates; 188 … [Read More]

Rebranding Package

Your brand is the foundation for all your current and future efforts—without a brand that embodies your mission, clearly conveys your message, and positively defines your public image, all future efforts will falter. This brand must be consistent across all platforms and identify with the targeted region. Brand Development In rebranding, every aspect of your company brand must be evaluated, including your company name and any associated … [Read More]

Redistricting Package

As you survey your new legislative district, the task of reaching these new constituents suddenly becomes of utmost importance. Visibility is key, but with your schedule in Springfield and your daily responsibilities, how will you find the time? And if you cannot find the time to build a relationship with your new constituents, how will you fare come election time? Cor Strategies’ Redistricting Package is … [Read More]

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