Municipal Election Day 6 Weeks Away

We know you’re still recovering from the November elections. So it’s hard to believe, but there is yet another election in just 6 weeks.

We made great gains this past November, and you’re probably taking a well-deserved break from politics. But on April 7th, in the consolidated municipal elections, we will elect the local officials that will lead our communities for the next few years. This includes mayors, village presidents, trustees, members of school/library/park district boards, etc.

These local officials will determine the vast majority of your property tax bill. Illinois taxpayers pay among the highest property taxes in the nation, yet fewer than 20% of registered voters are expected to vote…roughly 11% of the total population.

This underscores the importance of getting involved and making sure good, fiscally-responsible leaders are elected in April.

If you or anyone you know is running for local office, let us know how we can help. We’ve scaled back our prices for local candidates to be sure they can afford top-notch services in order to win their important campaigns. From websites to mailers, from walk cards to robocalls, from online advertising to tele town halls, we provide the quality it takes to win at an affordable price.

If the above paragraph doesn’t apply to you, please commit today to voting in the upcoming election. Early Voting runs Monday, March 31st through Saturday, April 4th. Election Day is Tuesday, April 7th.

Don’t let November’s momentum go to waste!

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