Government Affairs

"Cor Strategies is helping us strengthen our relationships with legislators while at the same time establishing Pioneer Center for Human Services as an agency that can provide direct insight on relevant issues facing human services. The guidance and connections offered through government affairs planning has proven to be a good investment and we are truly appreciative of the customer service Cor Strategies offers. If you are looking to make progress in elevating your service mission with lawmakers and civic leaders we recommend Cor Strategies."
--Patrick Maynard, Pioneer Center for Human Services CEO

Whether you seek to see a certain bill become law or need to ensure your issue isn’t watered down or beaten, navigating the tangled web of government and special interests can often be nearly impossible. You might not even know where to start.

Our government affairs team consists of issue experts and retired lawmakers who specialize in helping you fully understand your issue and how it relates to current law. Our strategy team knows how to get bills passed or stop opposing forces from encroaching on our issues, and we can help you develop an effective plan that will ensure you are successful in your efforts. Our political team has relationships on both sides of the aisle and experience working with lawmakers and civic leaders in order to make progress on important issues. Our field team has extensive grassroots experience and the patience necessary to methodically build support for a cause and/or organization. And our communications team knows how to craft a compelling message.

For all the maybes associated with government affairs, our team has the answers. Let us help you make progress on behalf of your cause.


Communications2Government affairs services provided include:

Legislative Tracking
A critical element in any company is an ongoing legislative and regulatory tracking and monitoring program. We offer an affordable tracking service that provides you industry-specific monitoring of state legislatures. Along with the tracking, we provide our clients with customized issue reports, email alerts, and mapping of state-level legislative activity, from bill drafting to filing to early committee reporting on through the entire legislative process.

Risk Assessment
Many companies have significant exposure to state legislative trends and activity that they might not realize until they are confronted with state action. We can help you assess your exposure in these areas, and develop steps to protect your business from state legislative or administrative activism.

Legislative Analysis
Most executives are confronted with more information than can be reasonably absorbed and analyzed. Additionally, most state legislative action is steeped in procedural steps that are difficult to interpret. Our analysis is designed to review, triage and explain the potential impact of legislation on your business.

Strategy Development
Professionals in government affairs are often called on to develop comprehensive strategies without the benefit of an outside group of advisers. This service provides an external sounding board, and the shared experience of working with hundreds of other organizations to assist in avoiding unnecessary expenses and maximizing the resource allocation of a company’s government affairs efforts.

National Organizations
We have extensive experience and networks within the important national state government organizations, including the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), Council of State Governments (CSG), the National Associations of Counties (NACo), among others. For companies that want to advance state government awareness and understanding of their issues, products, or opportunities, we can assist in developing an interactive relationship with each organization’s staff and focusing their policy deliberations on your issues.

Government Affairs Planning
As your company grows, and as your relationships grow with state and local government, establishing a formal government affairs capability within your organization may be necessary. We can offer management planning support, advice, personnel screening and personnel recommendations to help you cost effectively establish this new capability. This planning can help avoid the potential missteps and unnecessary costs that could result from simply hiring someone from the field. We can also assist you by offering to collaboratively develop a range of budgeting options and the appropriate benchmarks to evaluate ROI.


Legal Compliance
When working within the state government market, there are myriad complex legal compliance tasks which are critical to complete on time and in accordance with each state’s unique requirements. We can assist you in navigating these compliance tasks, such as lobbyist registrations, filings and assignments, etc.

PAC Development
We have substantial experience working with corporations, political organizations, associations and individuals in the development and effective utilization of Political Action Committees (PACs). We can help you determine the purpose, target(s) and objectives of your PAC. We can also help register the PAC with all appropriate federal, state and local agencies, as well as prepare the by-laws, outline the basic operations, and advise on all compliance and reporting activities. Once the PAC is formed, we can provide logistical support to ensure that fundraising and distribution goals are met.

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