"Running for office takes more money today than it ever has before, which makes fundraising vital for success. I’m proud to have worked with Cor Strategies to raise the funds necessary to win my campaigns as well as many others throughout the area. Their development team is second to none."
--David Stolman, Lake County Treasurer and Former Lake County Board Chairman

Your ability to fundraise, whether you are a candidate or an organization, will determine your success. You need money to get your message out. The level to which you are taken seriously is mostly determined by the number listed on your last financial report. Individuals only truly buy into your mission when they write a check to your committee, regardless of the amount. And there is no better way to show momentum than with a growing number of contributors.

The development team at Cor Strategies has overseen fundraising for charities, not-for-profit civic organizations, political action committees, and candidates of every size. We have the necessary experience and networks to help you reach your fundraising targets, and we tailor our efforts based on your image, strengths, team capabilities, and location.

Our team works with you to develop a personalized and aggressive plan to build a finance committee, identify donor prospects, develop fundraising calendars, create necessary materials, and solicit funds. We set you up on our project management and collaboration systems to streamline operations, and assign tasks and responsibilities to all involved in order to execute the development plan. As the day-to-day development activities are continuing, our experts will monitor results and evaluate the success of each aspect of the plan, making adjustments and updates where necessary to ensure continued success.

Unlike most consultants, we don’t simply give you a cookie-cutter plan and wish you luck. We are your partners from start to finish, fully invested in your mission as a key member of your team.

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