Field Operations

"Cor Strategies ran an effective field operation for my campaign. They understand that success requires targeted, personalized efforts combined with tireless effort. I worked with them because they wanted to win nearly as much as I did, and together we were victorious."
--Karen McConnaughay, Illinois State Senator

No matter how much money you spend, a candidate without an effective ground game is like Patton without Third Army. Field operations have proven to have the highest percentage of voter conversion of any campaign effort, and they grow even more effective the further technology develops and the more pervasive campaign ads become.

The field team at Cor Strategies has engineered some impressive victories, from lightning-in-a-bottle grassroots Congressional victories to low-budget underdog county wins. Our unique methods, driven by hyper-targeting and based on data over assumptions, creates a personal connection between a candidate and their voters.

Too often campaigns employ cookie-cutter field operations and blanket their districts with the same message and materials. This, unsurprisingly, leads to underwhelming results. Instead, our team mathematically targets field efforts towards “savable” voters and personalizes the campaign’s approach in ways that would most effectively reach those voters with the candidate’s message.

Because it’s about the right message at the right time to the right people.

Thanks to our extensive work on campaigns throughout the region and our team’s massive networks, our candidates have the benefit of starting with a large contingent of volunteers and supporters. We then work to build out and strengthen this team to ensure the campaign’s field efforts grow stronger every day. The culmination is a district buzzing with your campaign’s volunteers and an Election Night Celebration packed full of partying supporters.

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