Event Management

Thunderous applause as the band plays out your successful event. The hum of activity as attendees mill about between session rooms and convention space. Dozens of supporters signing up to support your campaign or cause after being pumped up by a rousing rally. A line out the door as attendees wait patiently to have their books signed by your special guest speaker after a delicious luncheon. Well-dressed dinner guests looking up from their sparkling centerpiece as the moving lights draw focus to your keynote speech. Imagine what your successful event looks like, then let Cor Strategies make that dream a reality. We’ve done it many times before.

Whether your event is an intimate reception, an outdoor festival, or an arena spectacular, the team at Cor Strategies has more event production and planning experience than anyone else you’ll find. As your event partners we team up with you to go beyond planning an event and instead work with you to create an experience.

If you need help painting a vision, we’ve planned events in large venues like McCormick Place and the Sears Center as well as more unique venues like The Adler Planetarium and US Cellular Field. If you are struggling with implementation, we’ve handled all aspects of logistics including booking venues, identifying caterers, developing menus, scheduling bands and performers, and building event agendas. If you’re worried about filling the room, our marketing team has packed arenas, hotel ballrooms, and bars with a blend of marketing and technological savvy that only we bring to the table. If you’d rather shake hands and laugh with attendees at your event, our team can manage the event flawlessly from start to finish as we’ve done for parties, rallies, fundraisers, trainings, conventions, luncheons, dinners, and receptions of every flavor.


Event Management








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