Email Marketing

"Cor Strategies’ email marketing is invaluable. Being able to communicate directly with your voters with personalized and individualized messages is a huge advantage in a campaign. The emails they put out are eye-catching and demonstratively more effective. I strongly recommend taking advantage of their system and expertise."
--Ed Sullivan, State Representative and House Republican Organization Chairman

Personalized Political Email Solution

Cor Strategies provides the best political email solution for you. Our email system is guaranteed to be easier to use and more effective than your current system as well as any other systems on the market today, because it has been designed specifically for political email.

Take a look at the benefits below and then let us be your partner in maximizing the value of your efforts in this area.



Our proprietary email system learns what interests and motivates your voters. With each email send, our system learns more and more about the preferences and beliefs of each email recipient.

The information we gather is based on hundreds of data points. For instance, we know whether each recipient reacts better to a positive tone or a negative one, and whether they prefer a fact-based or emotional message. We know which issue motivates them to take action and where they stand on those issues. We know if they prefer their emails coming from a certain person, gender, or region. We know what type of call to action best motivates them. We even know what types of emails they prefer to receive, such as event invitations, bio or issue emails, or volunteer and fundraising appeals.

With this information, we are able to hyper-personalize the emails that are sent to your list, drastically increasing read and response rates. More than simply adding a first name to the salutation field, our system allows your entire email to be dynamically personalized for each recipient. That means that each recipient is getting their own unique email based on what moves them most.


More Effective

Email Marketing photo 2There is nothing worse than spending hours writing an email only to see it dumped into spam boxes. Our system is built to ensure that your emails are not blacklisted. Our providers are reputable, our systems are reliable, and our read and response rates are incredibly strong. For these reasons we are able to ensure that your carefully-crafted messages are actually delivered to your voters.

Our system also learns about each of your recipients’ tendencies, such as the day of the week and time of day they are most likely to read each type of email. It also learns which format and content in the subject line best drives them to open the email. By utilizing this information, we can ensure that your emails are actually opened and read. In fact, our emails have already proven to generate a 76% higher click through rate over traditional cookie-cutter emails.


Broader Reach

Another benefit of our system is that it is based on real-time data. You can match up your voter file with our always-current data to identify key helpful items, such as email addresses, education levels, income levels, etc. No longer will you have to rely on purchased lists or out-of-date information.

Using this data only furthers your reach, ensuring you are reaching as many of your right-of-center voters as possible in your email efforts.



Easier to Use

To send an email via our system, you simply need to provide the content in an easy-to-use form or spreadsheet. There is no design work, formatting, or special skills required. You simply drop in the content and hit send.


More Visually Appealing

In today’s dynamic age, it is important that your efforts are visually appealing to draw your intended audience’s attention.

By putting our award-winning designers to work for you, we will develop appealing and effective templates that can be used for all your email needs. These templates can either be developed for each type of email or we can have a base template developed that is automatically populated with information, images, and color schemes when certain types of emails are sent.

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