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"After running for office the first time unsuccessfully, some friends recommended I hire Cor Strategies . The second time around I won by over 21%. Their direct mail proved to be the difference. Voters in my district were telling me all throughout the campaign that my mail was the best they had ever received, and even in a judicial race they felt compelled to read the pieces and vote for me. I strongly recommend Cor Strategies for their direct mail services and more to anyone who asks me how they can get elected to public office."
--Paul Pavlus, Cook County Circuit Court Judge

Direct mail works.

Yep, even we rolled our eyes at that statement. Just like you, we walk from the mailbox with a stack of mail destined for the bottom of our trashcan. But direct mail still works.

Due to the proliferation of ads in our daily lives, and the overuse of mail by marketers of every stripe, to use direct mail effectively you have to be good. Very good. Lucky for you, we are.

Your direct mail campaign can tell a story. It can make voters feel a certain way about you or your opponent. It can convince a neighborhood that they cannot live another day without your product. It can draw attendees to an event or motivate them to take
action. It can even lead to contributions for your campaign or cause.

Direct Mail sample 5The key is having an effective direct mail plan, the creative talent to convey the proper messages, and the operations team capable of executing the plan flawlessly. Cor Strategies will help you develop this direct mail plan.

We will work with you to ensure your content is of the highest quality, including all pictures, messaging, and graphics. Our communications experts will test and hone the text for each piece to ensure the recipient remembers what you want them to remember.

Our creative team will design the mailers, using your input and our experience to ensure the piece reflects your preferences while retaining full effectiveness. Our print shop will print high quality pieces that will get noticed in a stack of mail.

And our mail shop will get the pieces in mailboxes exactly on schedule.

Direct mail works…when you hire Cor Strategies.

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