Data & Analytics

"While the private sector has finally begun to understand the power of data, analytics, and personalization, the world of politics remains woefully behind. Cor Strategies bridges that gap, acting as a personal data science team. Their deep understanding of core metrics and goals enables any candidate or cause to reach maximum effectiveness and results."
--Erik Severinghaus, SimpleRelevance Founder & CEO

Barack Obama didn’t win in 2008 because he was better at utilizing technology than John McCain, as many have intimated. He won because his team was better at collecting, managing, and utilizing data. They worked to collect every detail they could on voters, and then tailored their outreach efforts based on the preferences and beliefs of the individuals.

Whether you are looking to increase activism or run for office, the most important thing you must do is properly manage your data. And we are willing to bet our lunch money that it’s the last thing on your mind.

The ability to do this properly is not exclusive to Presidential campaigns. All it takes is the right data infrastructure, a plan for utilizing that data, and the proper mindset on the importance of personalizing your outreach to potential voters.  Our team can help with one or all of these important steps. First, we run your lists through our specially-developed system which uses existing data to determine other relevant factors for each record such as name, location, education, age, gender, income level, and even political leanings. This information can also be augmented through purchased lists. We then create the proper infrastructure for holding, maintaining, and supplementing this data over time through your regular day-to-day activities. Finally, we develop a plan for reaching each of these individuals with personalized pitches, combining the features of your product or highlights of your platform with the individual personalities we can model using the data we have collected.
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Each of us is more willing to buy into a cause when the pitch is personalized with our name and preferences. We are each more likely to vote for the candidate who focuses on the issues about which we care most and has an image compatible with our lifestyle. With the proper list management, your success ratio will shoot through the roof.



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