Available Positions with Cor & Our Partners – 2017


Every election, we run roughly a dozen campaigns for which field support is required, and we are looking to augment our field team. Individuals in this role must have a passion for connecting with voters and promoting a candidate or cause. They will be responsible for conducting field activities for our candidates, including recruiting and utilizing volunteers, implementing field plans, advancing and attending events with or on behalf of candidates, maintaining calendars, and coordinating group activities like precinct walks, phone banks, and yard sign blitzes. As the individual grows, they will have the opportunity to develop field strategies for our campaigns.

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Since our founding in 2009, one of Cor’s biggest strengths has been our ability to develop highly-effective messaging for our clients, and then communicate that message consistently and convincingly on every available platform. We are looking to bring in someone with communications skills who we can train to ultimately run this department. To start, this individual would be tasked with utilizing available messaging to generate content such as press releases, emails, call scripts, social media posts, and responses to queries and questionnaires. They will also be tasked with maintaining press lists and developing relationships with media. In addition, they will actively support our clients’ PR and communications needs, both candidates and organizations. Ultimately, as this individual proves themselves capable, they will be tasked with developing high-level talking points and messaging for clients.

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We are in need of assistance with administrative and accounting duties for Cor and several of our sister companies. This individual would handle the company’s books and financial accounts. They would track and submit all required paperwork, ensure compliance with all requirements, and coordinate contracts with clients and partners. They would conduct invoicing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable. Should this individual be capable, they may also be trained to assist with election financial disclosure at the state and/or federal level.

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One of our high-level clients is in need of an individual to serve as “day-to-day” manager of their campaign. This individual would manage the daily operations of the campaign, implementing the campaign strategy we put in place. They would be located in district (either living or commuting there), manning the campaign headquarters and serving as the point person for all activity. They would be supported and directed by our team, and would have direct access to the candidate and leadership team. Responsibilities will include manning and managing the campaign headquarters as well as all support staff and volunteers, monitoring progress and reporting to the campaign leadership team, handling any necessary administrative tasks, coordinating all correspondence, organizing the candidate’s calendar, and supporting the candidate as needed. In short, this individual will be the go-to implementation member of the team.

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Cor is now conducting telecom and data work in 29 different states in addition to our national work. We are in need of someone with data and/or technology skills to lead this rapidly-growing department. Individual would be trained to conduct all telecom on behalf of our clients, which includes live and automated polling, robocalls, and tele town halls. They would have tech support from our experts, but would be expected to learn the technology over time so that they could become as self-sufficient as possible. This individual would also coordinate all data work for our clients, which not only covers data work for telecom (i.e. generating lists & extrapolating poll results) but also data work for our campaigns, such as developing targeted lists and maintaining campaign data. This individual would also be responsible for managing all company data and generating reports as necessary.

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Cor Strategies is an innovative political solutions company founded in 2009 on the concept that the fields of politics, marketing, and technology could be fused to achieve superior results. As the largest center-right political consulting firm in Illinois, we are looking to add to our team, and several of our clients and partners are also looking to add talent. Below is a summary of available positions, all located in the Chicagoland area.

Candidates must be responsible, punctual, hard-working, and detail-oriented. They must be self-starters that take ownership over their responsibilities and are eager to be challenged and learn. They should excel at building relationships and thrive in a supportive team environment. They must have the ability to multi-task and handle multiple responsibilities at the same time. They must be able to thrive in an environment where results are the central focus. Candidates must hold right-of-center political beliefs and have an interest in continued involvement in politics.

To apply, send a cover letter, your resume, 3 references, and links to your social media profiles to Hub@CorStrategies.com. Phone calls will not be accepted.

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