"With a slate of mostly newcomers running against a slate of established, long-time incumbents, we knew the task ahead of us was a difficult one. That's why we turned to Cor Strategies. From the very start, they helped us run the perfect campaign by building for us a compelling brand and molding us into the candidates we needed to be in order to win. Thanks to them, we swept our elections by a wide margin and now have the opportunity to serve our community as elected officials."
--Sharon Langlotz-Johnson, Palatine Township Supervisor

Your brand is the core of who you are and how you’re viewed. It determines the type of clientele you attract and the expectations of your current and potential clients. The question is: what does your brand say about you?

Cor Strategies specializes in finding your core and then reflecting that across your brand through unique marketing techniques. Our team consists of experienced marketing leaders, brand specialists, one of the leading television and radio advertising firms in the nation, and an unparalleled graphic design shop. This creative team continues to develop and execute marketing strategies for our clients ranging from tech startups to international businesses and from national political organizations to campaigns of every size.

Our marketing team employs specialized processes to help you find your identity. For campaigns, we create a visual identity that enhances the candidate’s strengths and minimizes their weaknesses while projecting the campaign theme. For businesses and organizations, our discovery process helps you find your core and then works to build your image accordingly.

Branding photo 3Even with a strong brand, you must still market your product if you are going to find success. Nowadays there are so many avenues you could take, including going the television, radio, print, online, social media, search engine, and even guerilla routes. Unfortunately too many simply throw cash at this “thing called marketing,” resulting in limited return on investment. Our experienced and diverse team can work with you to develop a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy for employing your resources in a way that gives you the best bang for your buck.

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