Ballot Access Program

To run for office in Illinois, you must have the required number of petition signatures and must file your candidacy paperwork exactly correct or risk being knocked off the ballot by an opponent. The campaigns of many good candidates are ended prematurely each cycle because of technicalities, which is why we recommend using an expert to handle your ballot access program.

Cor Strategies has successfully put hundreds of candidates on the ballot, and in our history we
have not had a single one of our candidates knocked off the ballot.

Step-by-Step Details
First, petitions must be drafted. Cor will draft the petition, using the expertise of our election attorneys and field team, to be approved by the campaign. The campaign may also draft their own petition, though we will have that petition approved by our election attorneys.

Once the petition is ready, Cor’s team will copy and disseminate among local GOP organizations and supporters. We will utilize our relationships with officials and organizations to recruit grassroots Republicans to circulate petitions which serves to strengthen field operations for the campaign long-term. We will also recruit volunteers from amongst the activists we have worked with in the past who reside in the district, gaining their support for the campaign while working towards our petition goal. Care will be given to ensure volunteers reflect well on the campaign, both in appearance and in actions.

A Google Doc will be created, with access given to select individuals as chosen by the campaign, for tracking the signature gathering process. This Doc will be updated at minimum once daily, allowing the campaign to monitor progress in real time.

Cor will build a petition gathering schedule, including (but not limited to): signature gathering at train stations throughout the district, circulation at major local sporting events, working local festivals and events, attendance of area Republican and conservative events, and weekend group precinct walks. Such a schedule will utilize Cor’s network and team, but will also provide the candidate opportunities to join the team in order to meet voters, practice their campaign talking points, and recruit campaign volunteers. Note: Cor will gather the necessary signatures regardless of the candidate’s presence at these events.

As sheets are completed, Cor will check and validate each signature. At the discretion of the campaign, invalid signatures may either be marked off (to eliminate any chance of a candidacy challenge) or simply catalogued in the event a challenge takes place. Cor will also ensure all pages are properly notarized. Once the necessary number of valid signatures have been gathered, the sheets will be provided to the campaign should they wish to inspect them.

Cor will then prepare the necessary filling paperwork. Once completed, Cor will create digital backups of each page for the campaign’s records. This packet will be completed by a predetermined date set in coordination with the campaign.

Pricing is based on the number of signatures needed and the time frame available before filing is required. Contact us today to find out more.

Click here for a pdf listing details for this package.

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